In Me, Myself & Food: Conquering the Struggle Against Overweight & Obesity Without Dieting, award-winning author and nutrition researcher Diana Hunter provides a frank and informative outside-the-box look at the causes of weight gain and how to easily and effectively deal with them once and for all. Topics covered in include:

• The real tools you need to lose and maintain weight—and how to use them effectively.
• A smarter way to use your willpower.
• Why diets fail—and how to avoid the diet trap.
• What you really need to know about nutrition to get and stay slim.
• Easy strategies for managing social and on-the-go eating.
• Ten proven tips for effective, beat-the-system food shopping.
• The inside scoop about food advertising.
• Why diet and exercise is such a winning team.
• How to be a lean machine for life

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Pages: 136

Me, Myself & Food: Conquering the Struggle Against Overweight & Obesity Without Dieting
Diana Hunter

Author: Diana Hunter
ISBN: 978-1-891264-68-9
Pages: 136 Paperback

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